San Diego Pool Repair

Baja Pool Plastering in San Diego brings your old swimming pool back to life.  When you have a pool that is getting old and delaminating; where you start to get a lot of algae, have tried everything and can’t seem to get it together and even loosing sleep? That’s when we can help! ( sometimes your pool might not need re-plastering ).

With our experience we can honestly tell you that you don’t have to throw your money away. We can help you by getting to the root of the problem when the pool does not need re-plastering. We’d rather help you find out what the main problem is so that you can spend your money where you really need it and as a result ending up a very happy customer.

Because we specialize on pool surfaces we can tell if your pool can be brought back to life with just an acid wash or maybe an acid rinse, chlorine wash, or some needed minor repairs.  Repairs that other pool companies will not do or just might not know about.  Some pool repairs have to be learned by experience by doing them for many years .

With our experience in the pool business you’ll be amazed of what can be done.  Some companies don’t know, or will not tell you the many options you might have perhaps because a salesman is not the one with experience and is there with limited information, except to make a good commission. Salesman come and go, but with BAJA POOL PLASTERING the buck stops with RUBEN, the owner… Give us a Call, have a chat with RUBEN, your pool will be glad that you did!

All estimates and advice is FREE!